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How is the color calibration?

As you know, the 3DPandoras base on Canon inkjet printer that use CMYK&BK, we use the color of BK to be our binder output, it means we need to assign the color mapping to get good result. Finally, we are almost reach our goal, please refer below image.

What are the material proportions used?

55% 3DPandoras gypsum powder, 15% 3DPandoras binder, 5% 3DPandoras ink (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), 25% 3DPandoras curing agent.

What are the material quantities needed?

The need of material quantities varies dramatically among each case, depending on the volume of your models, solid or hollow, thick or thin, tall or short, etc. A set for your first order is 30 kg gypsum powder, 8 liter binder, 3 liter ink, and 14 liter curing agent. Additional set(s) after your estimate can be ordered on 3DPandoras software.

How many spare parts are there?

There are 2 spare parts- printer module and printheads. Spare parts belong to consumer products, which are out of warranty.

In what format does the 3D file need to be to be printed?

VRML format. Formats of .ply and .obj can be transferred to .wrl 2.0.

What are the printer and material conservation conditions?

Operating humidity range is 20~55%, non-conditioner and operating temperature range is 15~ 27oC. Materials will be kept in good quality within these conditions as well.